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Get inspired by great art with Bridgeman Art Doodle Live! Create your own paintings alongside works by classic and contemporary artists by dropping them onto the canvas and painting in, around and over them! A fun way to introduce adults and children alike to the joys of art. Another world first App from Togeva.




Fine Art, Drawing, Entertainment, family, children


Bridgeman Art Library, UK

iOS iPad App for drawing, viewing and painting Fine Art.

Togeva managed and built the entire iOS iPad App layout, graphics and functionality from start to finish. We developed innovative drawing, editing and painting tools into the App which runs on Togeva's patent pending mobile platform. The App allows multiple people to edit and create images together from wherever they are in the world and taps into the Bridgeman Art Library database - a large collection of Fine Art prints. Collaborators are linked through Facebook and social media. And once a new masterpiece has been created the App makes it simple for users to order prints, canvases and even mugs, which will then be delivered directly to their door. Another world first App from Togeva.

Amazing stuff! The App has been designed as an educational and inspiring way of introducing children to the work of some of the world’s greatest artists, many of which are only available on Bridgeman Art Doodle Live.

Naomi Hepworth, Bridgeman Art Library.